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Open Waters & Spirituality

A lot of African Americans today can’t swim. This isn’t a unknown fact, and I am one of them. But have you ever sat and thought of the SPIRITUAL reasons why that is? Here are my thoughts:

Many men and women, our ancestors, did not make the voyage to the Americas on those slave ships. Some died, some were thrown, and some chose death by the sea. In either circumstance, they ended up in the sea. I believe that wherever your body takes its last breath is where your essence will take root the strongest  

I tend to think that our ancestors who didn’t make the voyage on those ships during the slave trade control the waters they perished in. Their anxieties, fears, tears and anger rule the water. They are in a constant state of unrest because of the atrocities they experienced. Why do you think certain waters can be so turbulent? Why do you think the Bermuda Triangle exists? Why do you think so many ships (especially with a significant amount of white people) disappear or sink? Those spirits are still alive and they are angry and their energies are powerful and potent. And because these ancestors are tied to us, we harbor those same energies inside of us. Some of us are called to the water and feel at home near and in water. Most of us have fears of the water not tied down to actual trauma. Have you ever had a dream of drowning but never experienced it? Have you ever had a dream of being thrown into the ocean? Instead of jumping straight into believing it is a past life, in my opinion is that it’s a memory of your ancestors. We are our ancestors and we channel and hold me memories, thoughts and energies of those who come before us. I have never had a scary interaction with water in the physical. But I have thalassophobia (fear of deep water). I never learned to swim and probably won’t. I’ve been plagued by nightmares of being drowned, being thrown overboard and also being pulled into waters by mermaids. These were revealed to me to be the memories of my ancestors(those who made to both Americas). It’s like a kind of Spiritual Aversion & Regression. Especially because not many in my family (immediate and extended) that can swim but have no real reason not to be swimmers.


Another reason are the water spirits that have been abandoned and forgotten. Many African Americans in this country are Christian and are taught to demonize those spirits. They are taught that the Mami Watas, mermaids, Orishas of the water are evil because of the ‘god’ of the Bible. And they too express anger in the wonders of the water. I also believe they express anger at the death and enslavement of their children. They hold their death and bodies within them. Those spirits and deities cry and scream along with those ancestors. Those same spirits also call to some of us on a deep spiritual level. Think of Igbo Landing. They faced and accepted death as they were called home by the water spirits. And even then it was really death they faced. It was a transcendence from one plain to existence to the next. While the physical body does, they still got to go back home.

I think that’s why there are some of us who are called to the water naturally and have no fear whatsoever. Most Cancers in my life are good swimmers who find peace and solace with the water. They also have deep spiritual connections to Yemoja and have a special reverence for mermaids and other aquatic beings. We are taught that the Danish story is the beginning point of the Little Mermaid when our mythologies existed CENTURIES before that story was ever penned.

Children of the sea are in tune with the water and they’re ancestors might have made the passage with little death or trauma involving the water either than it being used as a tool to separate them from their home. To some of us, water still it what is was before: home.

If you think about the Creatrix of this existence, SHE is the holder of the womb. The womb is water. Water gives life. Water can house life. Water can also take life. Much like our Creatrix. Some waters and sweet and can be cool and refreshing. Some waters can be dirty and murky and harboring dangers. Some waters are salty and haunted. Duality.

I say all this to say that there is also a spiritual reason for something to a degree. And I believe that the Creatrix, the ancestors who live in the water and have not ascended and water spirits all play a part into our individual psyches.

What do you think? Does our connection to water as a people have a spiritual foundation? Do you have an unwarranted aversion to water? All comments are welcome.

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