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Sexual Soul Ties

The number one thing next to love spells, that I’m often giving advice or even warnings about, is sexual and soul ties. Now if you know me, you know I don’t buy into that bullshit New Age mess called Twin Flames (that’s gon be a whole other post) so this ain’t what I mean. While you can have both, a soul tie and a sex tie, to anyone they are completely different. Soul ties are emotional and spiritual bonds that we form with other people on a personal level, whether it’s a romantic relationship, friendship, and the like. Sex ties are physical, spiritual and emotional bonds that we form when we have have casual or non casual sex with people.


Right now, polyamory and 'heaux' culture are on the rise. I’m not here to demonize people. I don’t care about what anyone else does behind closed doors. Nowadays people take ‘Do what thou will’ to the extreme so I just sit back and watch the shit shows. The problem I have is that a lot of individuals in these groupings tend to call themselves members of the spiritual community and act as if these lifestyles can’t come with spiritual repercussions.


Let's take it back to that chart in Sex Ed. You know, the one that showed how you connect with everyone your partner has ever been with and vice versa. Well what if I told you(in my Morpheus Voice), they had it right, but not just in the physical sense? Because that’s what it really is with sexual ties of the spirit.

When you decide to sleep with someone (casually or not) you are not only bedding them, but also whatever spirits/demons they may have attached to them. You’re also connecting with any energies they have not cleared from themselves, including what came from their previous sexual partners. And on and on!

I mean let’s be real y’all. Most people aren’t even practicing safe sex in the physical sense nowadays, so I know  folks definitely aren’t having safe spiritual sex. In case you didn’t know, sex in itself is a ritual. Engaging in personal relationships are rituals. Both require knowledge of one’s self spiritually, emotionally and physically because you will be forming a bond with that person. Sure it’s fun to get dicked or licked down after a night of Netflix and chill with bae, but what cleansing rituals are you and Bae utilizing to keep your sex spiritually safe? If you’re having causal sex with many partners, what spiritual cleansing practices are you utilizing after every encounter? Most are using sex for only physical release and nothing more. THERE IS A PROPER WAY TO HAVE SEX AND PROTECT YOURSELF SPIRITUALLY & PHYSICALLY.

But most have no regard for the repercussions until they’re in my DMs or email, wondering why their love lives (and sometimes even lives in general) are in total disarray.

So I leave you with two questions:

  1. If you or your partner(s) are not taking the spiritual, mental, and emotional bonds that come along with sex and relationships seriously; should you really be partaking?
  2. If you have to ask me via DM or in my comments about cleansing rituals and curios to use during these rituals, again- should you really be partaking?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with celibacy until you have learned and mastered your body & Spirit in means of protecting each one. These STDs (sexually transmitted disease & sexually transmitted demons) are nothing to play with.

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